I feel like I’ve missed so many damn gigs in the past three years. So many changes have occurred


in my life. I saw a good show last Friday December 12th, 2014. The photo above is my buddies in War//Plague.



I’ve been to almost 400 gigs in my life so far. Being the obsessive type, particularly about music, I have kept a log/review list of the shows I’ve been to. The first show I went to was at age 8, but I didn’t start writing reviews till I was about 14, probably because I was going to so many shows


and I wanted to be able to look back and recall different moments from each show. If I added up all of the bands, solo artists and various types of musicians I’ve seen over the past 35 years I’m guessing it would be somewhere around 2000, maybe more, maybe less. To be continued…….

Setting up a gig

I was in a couple of bands between 1995 and 2009. I’m in the process of trying to get my crusty HardCore band back together to play a one off gig for an anniversary of a POLITICAL PUNK ROCK zine, record label, distro and


collective that did so much for the Twin Cities scene as well as the national and international Political Punk Rock and HardCore scene for many many years. Hope it works out well! Raise a tankard to good results for this endeavor! Cheers…….

Not sure what to think

I’ve kept a journal on and off for most of my life beginning in third grade. I’ve written less and less in recent years due to feeling blocked, or that I’ve written everything that I needed to. But, for me, writing is therapeutic. Driving my motorcycle and bicycle are also helpful. Listening to music has saved my life many times over. Going to the gym with my buddy is very much a missing piece of my life’s puzzle too. That’s enough for now…….